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Live with no regret: Stay in your own game

How often you doubt about what you have done or judge the decision you have made? We constantly fall into the trap of regrets especially when we are having a hard time. We start loosing confidence on ourselves, punishing ourselves with insane self-judgements at the same time fear to be judged by others. We know regrets can change nothing that has happened but we continue to blame ourselves for full responsibility on what we have done that might hurt others. Regret is an illusion we create. Regret is a mistake. It does not exist but only a choice we make. When we choose it, we force ourselves to live in the past. Our feelings start overwhelming by increased worries, doubts and unnecessary imagination. We throw ourselves back to the ocean of fear, spin in the loop of resentments again and again. We give up the freedom of joy, happiness and peace. This is not the life we are supposed to be. Let’s flip it over with this guarantee no-regret strategy. Always stay in your own game

stay in your own game and nail your life

1. Be clear what is the best for you now Before we make an action, drop the mind and open your heart. Feel what you feel inside, what serve you the best now? Let go of all judgements about the past, worries about the future and expectation from others. Focus only on how you feel right here, right now. Your heart always direct you the best option to go in the present. Once you gain this clarity, go for it and never look back. Fully understand you have given yourself the best option to go. The best does not mean everything would go well immediately or everyone would be happy. The best is to make a move now to allow everything to unfold in the right time and right place. Be opened to any challenges that are meant to arrive. Always see them as beautiful gifts teaching us how to be a better person and grow again.

routine sucks only if you do not have clarity in life. be clear on what you want and do what you love.

Routine sucks only if you do not have clarity in life. be clear on what you want and do what you love.

2. Do not let anybody ever tell you no Trust the decision you have made, the word you have spoken, the action you have done. Having the wisdom and courage to trust is our birthright, own and claim it back completely. There would be different voices of ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’. They can be profound advices, sincere risk predictions, past experience warnings and more. Listen with compassion, digest with love but never let anyone tell you no or shake your mind. Continue to trust your inner wisdom, be clear we cannot control a tornado nor a rainbow. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. With trusting heart, detached yourself with insecurity and open to whatever may come.

sometimes we just need to let it go. even everyone around you tell you no.

Cute illustration by Heng Swee Lim reminding us sometimes we just need to let it go. even everyone around you tell you no.

3. Forget what suppose to be next Set clear boundaries with future, let go of all expectations. Forget all thoughts on counting the outcome, recognition, accomplishment and more. Value yourself fully and completely by immersing into the feeling of content, confidence and worthiness in the moment. We never need future events or unexpected outcomes to judge and define us. Whatever happens next is the best plan, a wisdom directs us to the brighter future. Forgive all the non-peace, madness and fear inside you. Allow yourself to slowly transcend back to a quiet mind, a mind opens to everything and attaches to nothing.

keep the mind opens, accept everything and attach to nothing.

You are the most important person in your life. Always focus back on how you feel and stay in your own game. Be persistent and keep it like a daily mindful practice and live it with zero regrets.


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