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How to live 24-hr like 36-hr?

When we say "I don’t have time", it is more about the time but a mixture of emotions.

"Pride" is one of them, we are proud of ourselves being so occupied and needed in the world around us. Another emotions could be a combination of "shame", "disappointment", "guilt", "suffering", "anger" and more, which we label ourselves as one of those busy-type people and it is never easy to accomplish everything we want unless we have 36 hours a day.

how to create more time like you have more than 24 hours a day

If I tell you, it is always possible to achieve everything you want to achieve even in a relaxing way, how does it sound to you? Instead of answering me "impossible", take a slow deep breath and welcome in your openness. I am going to show you how.

1. Sleep is everything

This is the simplest but crucial factor we always miss. Do not underestimate the power of sleep. Our sleep is not empty time, but time of intense neurological activity. It encourages memory consolidation, brain cleansing and cognitive maintenance which promotes clarity, productivity and precise decision on what we do and not do on the next day.

The key to live like 36-hour a day is know what you are doing every second instead of wasting time to test or play around the busy-schedule without knowing what you have achieved. Sleep is for the benefit of awake, it is the channel to connect ourselves fully with our physical body so that we can work one more step with our intuition for further success.

sleeping is for the benefit of awake

2. Eliminate the to-do-list

It is impressive we plan ahead and remind ourselves on the busy schedule with a "to-do-list". It is more important to eliminate what is on the list in order to achieve all of them instead of accumulating into a longer one next day.

Ask yourself, "what is the only 3 most important things I need to do today?" which these things prevent you from unnecessary obstacles, eliminating existing problems and giving you motivation and satisfaction to accomplish more. Only when we focus what matters the most, everything falls into right track and you would be surprised how much more you have achieved at the end of the day.

eliminate your to-do-list to manifest and achieve more in life

3. Schedule a me-time

"“There are times when we stop, we sit still. We listen and breezes from a whole other world begin to whisper.” - James Carroll

Only we learn how to stop in the most busiest day, we connect back to our intuitions, our true self. This is what people call "the present", this is where we got inspired on what to focus in order to continue doing what we love.

Stop to achieve more today, schedule a me-time with yourself. A power nap, 5-min meditation, lunch gym, mindful eating without your phone, or laugh out loud with a comedy... be creative to have some fun in your life now. Enjoy the moment only belongs to you, the moment everything in life flows itself with no effort.

schedule time for self-love is more important than anything

4. Cultivate good relationship

When we are overwhelmed by busy moments, we often go blind in mind and being unable to notice what others are doing and how they can help us.

A successful leader always think about "we", cultivate time to build good relationship with people you treasure most. Talk to you colleagues, enjoy some gatherings with friends and family, show up to expand your networking on meaningful events. All these brings you inspiration on how to ease your busy life, at the same time allows you to accept support and help that speed up what we want to achieve effortlessly.

constantly get connected with people you love and always accept support by them

5. Balance you circle of life

What do you want to achieve behind all these busy schedule? The ultimate answer I can tell is, "ultimate happiness".

"Circle of Life", a chart I designed to help everyone of you measure this ultimate happiness. It helps you keep these 12 areas in perfect balance in order to achieve a complete, fulfilling and happy life.

Health, physical activities, career, relationship, financial freedom, spirituality and more, download this into your phone as a reminder. Notice how lacking of any of these key elements affect your mood and productivity of the day. We all got blind spots especially on those busiest moments, always check-in where you are helps bringing you where you want to be.

work with me on how to balance your circle of life through holistic coaching

It is never about how much time you have but how you deal with it. I hope these 5 techniques give you a new picture on what "time" is and how you can play with it wisely. It is possible to be busy at the same time never missed the fulfilment, joy and peace.

Instead of “I have no time”, try how I can spend my unlimited time today.

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