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Give Space life. Let life loves you.

Connect with S P A C E

Recently, I am connecting with grandmother Space in a deeper way. The energy is vast, new, mystical. Presence of Time and Space in equal measure. Co-create joy and harmony in silence. Remembering the S P A C E within us brings us miracle. Assist us to live our life in greater potential. Wanna share what has been received might as well serve where you are at now my wonderful brothers and sisters.

S P A C E to Connect Divine Expression

Be aware of the S P A C E in between our throat and heart chakra more. How often this part of chi and flow has been blocked? The urge to express, the wanting to be seen and heard from all emotion and feelings. No rush, just breathe. Open up the heart space again, unlock the pure presence once more. Stay there to feel, feel from the heart and give permission the throat chakra to express in right form right way. How the body would like to response? How the heart loves expressing the truth? Continue opening the chest, breathe relax and feel the lightness. Let it flow, no burden, no oppression. Speak, sing, dance, breathe, or stay in stillness to embody the feeling. All is perfect. Always listen to this S P A C E to act upon that effortlessly flows you to live in the Tao of ease where all thoughts, words, actions are in perfect harmony.

S P A C E that Trust Buffer Counts

Master this buffer, you can master fullness of living. Buffer is part of the fullness. Allow this fragrance of divine S P A C E to attract all abundance of joy, love and freedom towards you powerfully. Honour the presence, the existence and the importance of this buffer, know it is part of the whole Universe you are feeling, living and manifesting. Allow rest. Don’t hesitate. Don’t wait. Give buffer to life, let life loves you more.

S P A C E to Build Resilience

Divine Patience. It is. Cooking what has been calling in seen and unseen by anchoring a stronger light with greater strength. To build the resilience for greater alignment. Our life force energy needs bigger capacity to continue a more magnificent amount of love to give birth. Surrender into what cannot be surrender still. Feel the resistance. Have courage to stay with it. Steer the waves with Compassion, invites presence of forgiveness offering great healing. Without chasing, we sit in the non-moving. Pure acceptance, remembering imperfection is perfectly divine. Pure understanding, everything is part of the process of awakening inner nature within us. Be into this now. Allow the good enough to evolve itself gradually. It is okay not having it now. It is okay not having it all. Feel the heart expands, let the divine feminine energy to show it presence to you. Celebrate.

May we start connecting with S P A C E more integrate with T I M E bring more easiness, joy and peace in life. Sending you all presence.



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