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How to stay fit without going gym?

Exercise helps activate our metabolism rate. It would be great of you can maintain at least 30 minutes exercise 3-4 days per week. Same as every other things, physical exercises need moderations. Especially on those days you are feeling low in physical or emotional level, it is important to adjust exercise in a balance way to maintain a steady health on both our body and mind level.

Our body isn’t designed to work out vigorously every single day, even top-tier athletes need a day off, enjoy the ups and accept the downs and trust your body’s path, you can still refuel your body when exercising low. Today, I am introducing a super easy exercise to keep our body and mind fit without going to gym which I constantly applied them in my life especially when I am travelling.

Legs up & breathe

Lift up your legs against the wall 90 degrees for 15-30 minutes. When we raise our legs upon our head level, it helps to release lactic acid which caused muscle soreness after vigorous exercise. This posture also creates a slimming effect on your legs instantly, since it reduces water retention in our body and reduce edema. It is also a great posture to combine mindfulness practice to keep not only the body level healthy but also mentally and spiritually fit.

Step 1: Lie on your bed or a yoga matt

Step 2: Lift your legs up against the wall at 90 degrees

Step 3: Avoid multitasking, drop your phone and just do nothing

Step 4: Activate practice to breathe and feel in coming 15 minutes

  • Breathe into your body, feel the blood flows, feel your heart beats, feel and observe all other sensations happening on your physical level.

  • Breathe into your mind, whatever thought comes up, listen but not attach to them. Allow each of them to come and go as if a bird flies by.

  • Breathe into your heart, feel how you feel inside your heart. Any emotions comes up especially when you start getting impatient or feeling this exercise annoying, continue to do nothing but feel whatever comes up. You are doing so great.

The ultimate way to rest ourselves is simply feel whatever emotions come up in silence, observe and fully feel them one by one with compassion and love. All we need is practice, which emotional practice is as important as physical one to keep us healthy. This is a very good exercise to start tapping into it with a bonus on keeping our physical body fit at the same time.

Pamper yourself whenever you feel exhausted, connect yourself back to stillness and rest by this nourishing slow exercise. Try it out and share with someone if you found it useful and spread the joy.


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