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How ‘focus on what I've but not what I miss’ completely changes my life?


This funny commercial went viral many years ago. It dramatically illustrates a slide of life that when a kid wants something, he can go crazy for it.

The true message beyond 'want' is actually 'don’t want to miss’.

Fearing of missing is what we start experiencing since we were young. This feeling of lack brings emptiness, fear and insecurity. The more we ‘want’, the more we victimise ourselves and enlarge the feeling of ‘miss’. How can we avoid falling into this emotional trap whenever we desire something in life?

‘Focus on what you have but not what you miss’

Living this mantra shifts and changes everything in life, these are my true stories demonstrating how:

'I want money to be a no issue!'

If I use one word to sum up my childhood, it would be ‘FEAR’. Almost every night my parents fight on the topic money and divorce. I was fear for being separated with anyone of them, fear for being so uncertain about my future.

Instead of keeping this fear inside my pocket, I just focus on what I have. Having close relationship with my brother and sister brings me security, embracing the chance to go to school gives me hope to fight for what I want. I gained scholarships from high school and university which completely release the financial burden of my family.

By not focusing on the money issue, I manifest more. Instead of just financial freedom, I gain the freedom on being a multi-passionate entrepreneur on being a creative director and mindfulness life coach at the same time.

happy siblings in family

'I want my mom to attend my big day!'

When I was 17, my mom got the end stage of lunger cancer. I remembered I told her, ‘please don’t die, I want you to attend my graduation and celebrate with me’. At the end, she missed it and missed all other big moments in my life.

Instead of sobbing everyday, I choose to focus on what I have. I start cultivating a better relationship with my dad which I never did. From zero conversation, I start learn to listen and feel how he feels. Today, he becomes my best friend which we share everything with each other sincerely with love.

I still miss my mom, and constantly I focus to share my happiness on this beautiful relationship with dad to her silently.

graduation celebration

'I want to be normal again.'

My journey on becoming a life coach starts from the moment I was suffering from chronic depression and panic attack years ago. Recalling that moment, I simply want to live like a normal person without sabotaging myself on different aspects in life and always feeling like I’m dying.

I am so grateful that I did not forget this mantra in that moment. I honour all the supports I have from people around me. I choose to live. This is the moment things start flowing. I attract every opportunity I need that heal me most. I heal my relationship with food, alcohol and most importantly with myself. Today, I have a vision which is bigger than normal. I desire to give back what I have received . I am determined to support as many people as I can to help them find the true purpose in life.

Without focusing only on what I have in all these real stories above, I am quite sure I would be a living zombie now.

hope is nowhere but now here.

We all have different journeys in life. No matter how difficult yours is, always shift the focus back to what you have and continue working on it. I hope my stories can give you faith as a spiritual proof. A proof shows us that we all have the power to transform our lives even if we are at the rock bottom.

Simply stop focusing on what you miss and start creating what you have today.


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