5 creative fun mindfulness you must try

May 18, 2018

Nowadays, people always talk about be mindful and being in present. So what is mindfulness? Is it a yoga retreat, meditation, tea ceremony, stone piling, spa or something else? My great teacher google said, "mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, which can be developed through the practice of meditation and other training.” And I have a more down to earth definition on explaining it.


"Mindfulness, is a state of mind. It is everything that help us to feel ourselves again."


We always talk, work, and live with our rational thinking and ignore what is the true feeling behind. Mindfulness is just the moment we aware and reconnect with this thought and true feeling inside us. How? For sure all the suggestions above make sense as they all help us back into this stage with calm and peaceful environment.


 photo by thomas herbrich


Since my definition on mindfulness is everything, and my way to achieve it can also be very diversified. And I love making it fun, creative and practical which everyone of us can do it. Here’re my top 5 on how to do it:


1. Dating with everyone

 photo by bleeblu


I am not here promoting Tinder, or Coffee with Bagels. When I say dating with everyone, I mean treat everyone you meet seriously like a date. A date with yourself. Imagine they are just like a mirror of you, whatever personality they have, whatever they trigger your emotions. That is YOU. Practice by looking someone else like meeting yourself helps us connect with different part of us effectively. All we need is an opened and non-judgemental mind. To meet ourselves in another physical form, to feel our heart in a reflection that we cannot escape.


2. Living in a fiction



Einstein once said “imagination is more than knowledge”. Apply your imagination into mindfulness, like how Will Ferrell did in the movie “Stranger than fiction”, be part of the plot. Pick one object you see and get interested in the moment, the purple cow, the beautiful bald lady, the rusty armor etc, and start creating your fiction with feelings. Add stories, characters into the plot, name it modify it, feel it and play with it. Make it fun, interesting, surreal like a movie. You are the director, producer and camera man of this movie. Be the creator of your life. When we dive in this stage of fantasy, this is where awakening starts and what fully presence is.


3. Spinning like a kid


Ever wondering why fidget spinner become so popular? The answer is, mindfulness. We put ourselves into a stage of nothingness when we focus to balance and spin it like a pro. Making it more fun, we borrow this game of mindfulness and apply it into movement on ourselves. Start erect with arms outstretched, spin around your body at a point in until you reach just a little bit dizziness. This is a fun way to balance all our 7 chakras, which is also part of the sequence in The 5 Tibetans Rite yoga practice.


4. Singing to the mirror

 photo by G|o®g|O


One of the most important part of mindfulness is speaking our own truth. By opening up our throat chakra fully and completely, we are able to express our desires and live with a stronger and clearer purpose. To practice with fun, just schedule a me-time in a private toilet and sing loud.  Choose the song that you connect most and play it, face yourself in the mirror and sing with emotions. Play with your voice, your gesture and movement as if you are on your own stage of "American Idol" without being judged by anyone include Simon Cowell. Express yourself genuinely, be confident, authentic and go outside your comfort zone. 


5. Cosmic orgasm

 photo by Dàniel Taylor


Lastly, let’s get back to meditation which I can say it is the ultimate solution to our life. And meditation can be as fun as the above. To me, it is just another way of breathing. One of my favourite way on fun breathing is connected breathe, which we start with dance, movement, ecstatic music and breathe through our mouth without pause in between. I cannot find a word better than a cosmic orgasm to describe this experience, you might feel sensational, emotional and ultimate joy when all the stress is releasing via the cells.


Science has proven this way of breathing can improve brain function, stimulate creativity and increase performance effectively. Try this to-go version on connected breath now, it is a new audio guide by Christabel Zamor, the founder of "Breath of Bliss". Get yourself a nice headphone and enjoy this fun and easy mindfulness today.




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