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4 Stages of Life. Which One Are You At?

Are you a human-being, or just human-doing? It is far too often we live without purpose, we continue to eat, sleep, work, live without feeling them or have no idea why we are doing so.

Last week, I was in a retreat in the Amazon jungle. A spiritual master reminded me about the 4 stages of life to truly be a human-being. Which one of them are you at now?

Stage 1: Consciousness

The stage of survival. It allows us to live spontaneously without our heart beating, hair and nails growing without thinking. We can see, listen, taste, smell and interact with the world we live in. This stage also protect us from danger so we would escape when a tiger is chasing behind us and run when fire comes. Stage 2: Self-consciousness

The Self-awareness stage. We are able to connect more with ourselves instead of just the physical being. We have the ability to deny things that drag us down and fully listen to our true-self, the inner knowing. We understanding the emotion happens right now, get intimate on how we feel and have clarity on what we truly want from within. Stage 3: Knowledge

The stage of practices. In this stage, we put all the thoughts into words and action. Instead of have a perception, we know. We know what is true and right for us and we do it. We speak, share and act on what we believe and live it up with persistence. And we are able to keep it like a practice everyday. It is a hunger of digging in the great purpose of life.

Stage 4: Wisdom

The stage of divine connection. We are able to tap in the highest truth, see beyond the limited human capacity. We recognise darkness cannot hide and only love casts out fear. We open up all possibilities in life and knowing we never suffer because the Source of all joy goes with us wherever we go. We fully live our lives and influence the world in a spectacular way.

Believe it or not. Many of us are at stage 1 in most of the life time. We live to survive, instead of living as if. For sure it is not easy and we do not need to dive in Stage 4 to have the wisdom like Mahatma Gandhi nor Martin Luther King Jr. And I encourage you to start today, take one single step further to live with self-consciousness & knowledge. 1. Be flexible

It is so easy to fall back to consciousness level even if sometimes you know what you deeply want. Because we get used to it, and we are comfortable with the lifestyle without having deep inner knowing. Try to keep the 90 to 10 rules. Allow yourself to cheat a bottle of beer or a cheese burger in 10% time, the other 90% listen to your intuition with no excuse. Honor the negative habits which give us clarity on what we don’t want. Gradually, increase the 90% self-consciousness habit and make it like a pro habit that you never fall.

2. Forgive yourself fast

Forgiveness and acceptance is way more effective than a double espresso to be awaken and give yourself some clarity. Let go all the wrong-doings, forgive yourself and choose again. Choose to live with self-love, choose to be true to the real you and start over again FAST.

3. Exercise

Let me introduce you my way of work-out, it combines physical and emotional activities. Whatever exercise you choose, do it at least 3 times per week and 30 mins each. Combine cardio, weight-training and stretching in your physical workout to make your body maintaining the perfect balance and generating consistent dopamine to keep your motivations going. In every physically exercise, do it with emotional exercise. Check-in how you feel, understand your emotions. Name it feel it describe it. It helps us to connect with our inner self much easier when the storm came.

Want to learn more on how to connect with your emotions and live a higher stage of life? Send me a message anytime and I'm always here to provide you the guidance.


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