Why life coaching helps you make more money?

'Why do I need to pay a stranger to teach me how to live?'

Life coaching, direct translation might sounds someone 'teaching you how to live'. Myth number one, instead of 'teaching', I would use the word “guiding”. Myth number two, instead of 'strangers', life coaches are someone walk with you closely without judging on any of your failures at the same time pick up you fast on how to celebrate the next.

There are different types of life coaches with different focus, relationship, career, executive, eating behaviour, exercise, money, mindfulness etc. All of them are reaching the same goal which is to support and give clear directions for people to achieve their short and long term goals in both their personal and professional life.

A stress-free relationship with money

I am a mindfulness coaching who helps people to live the life they want with zero stress.

To live the life we want, we need to find perfect balance in it. One of the most important area we cannot miss to achieve this is finance freedom. How to live a life without worrying or being anxious about money? How to not only focus on saving more but literally creating more in the bank account? Apart from winning a lottery, another way to achieve these is by mindfulness life coaching.

how you be rich?

"mad money" by Jacopo Lorenzo Emiliani

4 ways life coaching generates you more money

1. Spend smart to save more

If you are working with life coaches on weight management, eating behaviour, food allergy or dietary stress, your coach would assist you to find the root cause and tackle it with specific strategy.

You may learn about different diets, food and nutrition, emotional relationships with food. When you start listening closely to your body, you have more interest on exploring new healthy food, cook more or even grow your own food.

A home made healthy breakfast may save you usd 6 from Starbucks every morning, round up it becomes almost usd 2200 per year! Imagine how much more you can save from fast food stores, fancy