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Why life coaching helps you make more money?

'Why do I need to pay a stranger to teach me how to live?'

Life coaching, direct translation might sounds someone 'teaching you how to live'. Myth number one, instead of 'teaching', I would use the word “guiding”. Myth number two, instead of 'strangers', life coaches are someone walk with you closely without judging on any of your failures at the same time pick up you fast on how to celebrate the next.

There are different types of life coaches with different focus, relationship, career, executive, eating behaviour, exercise, money, mindfulness etc. All of them are reaching the same goal which is to support and give clear directions for people to achieve their short and long term goals in both their personal and professional life.

A stress-free relationship with money

I am a mindfulness coaching who helps people to live the life they want with zero stress.

To live the life we want, we need to find perfect balance in it. One of the most important area we cannot miss to achieve this is finance freedom. How to live a life without worrying or being anxious about money? How to not only focus on saving more but literally creating more in the bank account? Apart from winning a lottery, another way to achieve these is by mindfulness life coaching.

how you be rich?

"mad money" by Jacopo Lorenzo Emiliani

4 ways life coaching generates you more money

1. Spend smart to save more

If you are working with life coaches on weight management, eating behaviour, food allergy or dietary stress, your coach would assist you to find the root cause and tackle it with specific strategy.

You may learn about different diets, food and nutrition, emotional relationships with food. When you start listening closely to your body, you have more interest on exploring new healthy food, cook more or even grow your own food.

A home made healthy breakfast may save you usd 6 from Starbucks every morning, round up it becomes almost usd 2200 per year! Imagine how much more you can save from fast food stores, fancy restaurants, unnecessarily food cravings, diet pills, allergy cure, supplements per year when you learnt how to spend smart and treat your body well.

eat fresh, cook well, spend smart and save more

2. Doctor-out money-in

A conversation with your life coach a day keeps the doctors away. Apart from healing your body by using food as medicine, life coaching keeps track on your physical activity also mental health. These are 2 important factors for ultimate health which the root cause of nearly all of the sickness is related to emotional sickness.

A stress free body and mind not just prevent us from obesity, immunity break down, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer and more but also safe us loads of money from doctors, clinic, medications, physiotherapy, psychiatric therapy, surgery and in-patient stay in hospital. When the money in life 'you need to spend' can be applied to areas 'you want to spend', how would you spend with this millions dollars money?

an apple a day keeps the doctors away, so as life coaching.

3. Get the best job in the world

Career is a very important area to achieve complete happiness in life. Life coaching helps you find clarity in your job and live the value in it so you are not living to work but working to live.

Mindfulness coaching is more than meditation, also about how to communicate for better relationship, present with confidence, lead a great team, make precise decision and most importantly how to close the deal and get what you want.

By learning how to connect with your inner knowing and true intuition, it’s never difficult to get a better job opportunity, ideal promotion, amazing clients and more because we have the power to create our ideal life.

office in the nature

4. Open up financial opportunities

Life coaching cares a lot about your intention and always brings your focus back to yourself. By working on the thoughts and believes deeply inside you, slowly you become a better person with calm and loving energy.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”- Wayne Dyer

When we apply this energy to money, you start attracting amazing opportunities towards you.

Instead of 100 small clients, it becomes 10 quality big clients. Instead of working 9-5 in office, you earn more by travelling and work. Instead of one-man bank, you attract a team of talented beings to support you. Instead of single focus business, you attract passive income opportunities with multi passions business ideas.

This is how you can work less and achieve more. More time, more money and most importantly more happiness.

the better you feel, the more money you have and open up more financial opportunity in life.

“The better you feel, the more money you have.”

I call this the “feel-good factor”. The better you feel on your body, mind and soul, the better relationship you have had with money. Allow money finds you from now on instead of keep chasing after them. This is the true financial freedom, and it’s always more about money but how you feel abundant inside out.

Work with a life coach if you feel clicked on the above. If you are seeking for a holistic mindfulness coach, I am always here to help too.

Check out what people say about life coaching:

mindfulness life coaching hong kong

mindfulness life coaching hong kong

mindfulness life coaching hong kong

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