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The best gift you can give is yourself

Ever thought of the relationship with your dad dictates how your life is?

In every parent-child relationship, parent is the role model for the child. Children observes, copies their behaviours, feelings and being in their lives. This relationship directly affects the attachment, security, emotions of the children in adulthood. The healthier the relationship is, the easier the child experiences a strong close relationship with different people when grown up. Vice versa, a detached relationship can bring detachment behaviour, lack of trust, anxiety or depression to one and affect their love lives seriously.

the best gift you can give is yourself

by chris chambers

I am lucky I have a very strong relationship with my dad now. I share everything with him and so does he. Worries, loneliness, struggles sadness, sickness or even death, nothing we cannot talk about. He’s my life coach, my soulmate and my love. People said, “it’s such a blessing you can have a cool relationship with your dad.” The truth is, our relationship has never been good when I was young. My dad works day and night which we barely talked. I even think he is not a good dad. He is cold, neglect my mom’s feeling and not caring to me at all. I got many judgement, resentment towards him.

"It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” Tom Robbin

Thanks universe gives us a beautiful gift. Allow me to cultivate a better relationship with him even now I am an adult. And I witness when our relationship changes, my life changes. I’m healthier, happier and I attract more and more great relationship in my life.

In this father’s day, I would like to share this gift to you and your dad. This is a gift does not carry a form yet he can feel. A gift works from your heart. Find a quiet place, follow the below steps, read or listen to my audio guide and start creating a better relationship with your dad.

- Audio guide by jen -

- Transcript -

Sit up tall and straight on your seat, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Breathe into the heart. Breathe into the intention on creating a better relationship with your dad.

Imagine your dad is standing in front of you, feel him and look at him. Look into his face, into his eyes. Truly from your heart, start talking to him...

“My dearest father,

It is the fact that you bring me to this world but somehow I forgot about it.

I once judged you, complained about you because of what you have done.

I once want to change you because I thought you are not good enough.

I am sorry, my father. Please forgive my disrespectful. I’m sorry, my father.

I truly see the truth now in my life. My life is a gift from you.

Only with you this unique individual, I can have this life and I cannot be existed without you.

If I was born in another family, I will never be this me anymore but someone else.

My dearest father,

What you have given me is the most treasurable.

I can get the things I can’t get from you from somewhere else.

But only you can give me this most valuable life.

Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you.

You’re the only and truly dad i have. Besides you, I want no one else."

Slowly, choose your way to send all the blessings towards your dad. Give him a hug, bow to him... whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Take another slow deep breath. Bring yourself back to where you are at.

Put your hands into your heart, feel this love and continue sending this as a gift to him on this father’s day.

father's day gift for life

This meditation is not just a gift for the father’s day. It’s a gift for your life. By constantly go into this conversation with your dad with forgiveness and appreciation, you are improving the relationship with your parent because you heal yourself deeply and completely. I am happy to help you start this journey today, be in it and keep it like a practice. An abundant life is unfolding towards you.

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