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Want to turn your desire into reality? This is the secret.

To live a life, we first need to learn how to dream. To dream big, keep creating new and fight for what we want.

However, it is always easier said than done because when it comes to execution, things become the real deal. How can we keep the ball rolling even when we face the stumbling blocks? How can we turn our desires into reality? To answer, I would like to share the story of my father with you.

When I was a kid, my mom died because of lung cancer. By the time she has gone, my dad made a serious decision towards himself. He persisted to eat well and stay healthy in order to take care of the whole family. He followed an anti-cancer recipe of a congee made from 8 different types of grains and started eating it everyday. He became more energetic since then and tried to convinced everyone to eat like him and no one follows since the taste is really not good. Yet, that did not stop him. Instead, he kept modifying the recipe and experience different ways to cook. It tastes better and better and becomes the “10 gains congee” today. He is 72 years old now which everybody thinks he is just 60. When people ask him what is the secret of growing young, he always answers “there is no secret but one thing, persistence."

Persistence, the key to turn desire into reality.

Persisting is different from insisting.

I asked, “dad how can you make it? you have never skipped a day on this congee for more than 10 years”. He replied, “when you desire for something and truly care, you have no excuse on stop doing it, no matter how difficult it is or the whole world is against you.” He demonstrated me he kept working on his persistence with passion, authenticity and most importantly flexibility. He tried very hard to make that congee tastes better so both him and the whole family can enjoy it more. When we insist what we want, we work it with our mind which makes us feel like we are scarifying and suffering. When we persist is totally different thing, we enjoy it with our heart fully and maintain a long lasting desire and happiness instead.

obsessive mandala painting

Intention is the cure.

The challenge on giving up on what we persist is always "expectation". We expect the result could come faster which it never did. We expect people value what we are doing instead of turning a blind eye to us. We expect ourselves to be strong and tough rather than feeling powerless. The more we expect, the easier we lose our motivations towards success. All we need is to remember our original intention. Remember why we persist on doing it? In my dad’s case is the pure and unconditional love towards the family. The love to my mom and his kid gave him the unstoppable power. It’s never about the congee, never about how people think, but always about how he feels and mostly care. It was the strong and clear intention steers him on track all these years.

never forget about the original intention, keep it clear in mind

Never need to walk alone.

No matter how difficult your life is, you can always choose to persist to live again. I am glad my dad chose a positive way to deal with the death of my mom. Like most of the men from the old generation, he is not good at expressing his feelings. I truly appreciate he is willing to share with me how he feels differently on his “10 gains congee” journey instead. This open-mindedness on giving permission to others to support him mentally and emotionally has never been easy for him I know, and this significantly change his life too. Having someone to walk with you half the work with double, only if you allow it. This is one of the reason why I love being a coach so much which it is a blessing that I can support and speed up the transformations together with all other different beautiful beings.

never walk alone

"You never know when would be the time to leave, you win when you are living in present." my lovely dad.

Life is never too short once you decided to start again. Listen, if you have something you truly care and believe, dive for it with persistence now and keep doing it with love. Believe me, you can only win.

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