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Breathe To Run

Running is the greatest metaphor of life. The experience itself and how you choose experiencing it totally reflect how you live you life and what kind of life you are pursuing.

In what way does running mean to you? When usually you choose to run? When you run, what kind of route would you choose? How fast and slow you prefer? Are you highly demanding in the experience? What are you running for? Which part you enjoy most?

To be honest, I do not like running because mosts of the time in running is slog and drudge. However I still do it regularly because I quite enjoy the moment when all the serotonin and dopamine releasing in my body and boost my mood instantly.

Recently, there is a quote on running inspired me much:

"Running gives freedom. When you run you can determine your own tempo. You can choose your own course and think whatever you want. Nobody tells you what to do." - Nina Kuscik

I believe we are all bio-individual and have the ability to find the tempo in life. So does running, and I am happy I discover a new way to run because of this realisation. I found my tempo of breathing when I run. With this breathing technique, it is much easier for me to carry on and I found running becomes more interesting and easy when I focus on this breathing pattern. This is how I do it:


Start running and focus on the breath, bring the air all the way down to the belly. In and out.

Inhale for 1 count with the nose, exhale for another 1 with the mouth.

Again, inhale for 1 count with the nose and exhale 1 count with the mouth.

Then, inhale for 2 counts with the nose, exhale for 4 counts with the mouth.


Continue to focus on the breath, bring it down towards the belly.

Gradually, lengthened each exhalation and make it much longer than the inhalation.


I believe we all have our own breathing tempo on running. Feel free to use the above as the basic platform and explore the most suitable tempo that suits you.

It is important to find the exercise that we love and keep it like a habit which helps boosting our metabolism, lifting up our mood and elevating the motivations in our lives. Keep moving and breathe to run. There is no right or wrong on how you do it. When you start does matter.

Living Life with Jen is a holistic program providing you the most practical tool on how to handle stress through 360 strategies include finding the exercise pattern that suits you most. Contact me and learn more:

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