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Spiritual Practice 101: Sleep

What is a spiritual practice?

It could be something tangible like meditation, yoga, chi kung, tea ceremony, oil-pulling, detoxing, crystal, prayer, chanting, chakras, journaling… or something intangible like mindfulness, patience, kindness, blessings, love, compassion, peace and more.

photo by Duey Moore

Why is it so important?

The ultimate intention of spiritual practice is to bring us back to the present moment, which means we are at the stage no longer being attached to things happened in the past or being worried about the future. Only if we are focusing at now, we can let go of all expectations in lives which trigger our emotions. We are able to feel calm and peace even chaos are happening at the same time.

How can we achieve it?

Sleep. Yes, everyone of us can make it by start getting a nice quality sleep.

Sleep is the first and essential step in spiritual practice. It is never a waste of time but the benefit of awakening which it helps memory consolidation, neurochemical cleansing, reduce our stress and allow us to be focus. Research found 80-90% people who suffer from anxiety and depression have sleeping problem. It is 7 times more likely for them to experience helpless, and 5 times more likely to experience loneliness. To connect ourselves and returning back to love, one of the most effective way is to cultivate a better sleep.

Sleep at least 7 hours a day, and use the followings to enhance the quality.

1. One hour before bed, stay away from all electronic devices

2. Practice 5-5-5 breathing technique before sleep:

- 5 seconds inhale

- hold the breath of 5 seconds

- 5 seconds exhale

3. Close the day with 3 gratitudes by starting “I am thankful for…"

We all can be the guru of our lives. Start small by practicing this spiritual night time routine for a better sleep, better mood and ultimately a better being.

Living Life with Jen is a holistic program providing you the most practical tool on how to handle stress through 360 strategies include gaining a better sleep, clearer mind and brain focus. Contact me for a free consultation:

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