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Which Fairy Tale Princess You Like Most? It Might Reflect How You Project Your Love Life.

Who is your most favourite princess character in your bedtime stories when you are a kid?

1. Cinderella

2. Snow White

3. Little Mermaid

4. Sleeping Beauty

5. Bella (Beauty and the Beast Princess)

6. Rapunzel (The Long-haired Princess)

A bedtime story, a conversation with parents, a song made you dance, or any other kind of situations triggered our emotions... Whatever happened in our childhood subconsciously rooted our believes, thoughts and value in life. From my observation on coaching, your answer from the above might reflect how you project your love life as well.

If you choose 1. Cinderella

You are a down-to-earth, kind and sweet person with faith. When comes to love, you might believe true love is never easy to achieve. You need to fight for it with efforts. Even you get it, you might be fear on loosing it one day because you feel like there is always a deadline on a relationship.

If you feel resonate with the above, I encourage you to start having the awareness on this powerless and pessimistic thoughts that always come to you in the relationship. Choose not to be a victim in life, and believe you deserve a life-long relationship.

photo by Annie Leibovitz

If you choose 2. Snow White

You are innocent, sweet, generous and full of trust on people around you. You love to be connected with people and spread your love and kindness. At the same time, you expect to be surrounded by love or even more love in an intimate relationship. Once your partner cannot meet your expectation, you might feel rejected, disconnect and insecure.

It is important to cultivate self-love in a relationship. Learn how to pamper yourself. Learn how to feel loved and feel good even being alone. True love never comes from the outside world, only if we learn how to accept and love ourselves truly and completely. We can achieve it.

photo by Annie Leibovitz

If you choose 3. Little Mermaid

You are a dreamer who are full of fantasy in life. You are brave, independent and determined especially in a love relationship. It could be very easy for you to fall in love deeply in a relationship. At the same time, you believe true love might need sufferings in order to be achieved. You will go all-in in it and willing to risk everything for "the one".

Always check-in yourself in a relationship. Be aware if the thinking behind. Is it only your expectation? How do you feel? Take a deep breath, slow down, and feel. Check in also the feelings from your partner time to time, who is always reflecting the part of feeling inside us that we are longing for.

photo by Annie Leibovitz

If you choose 4. Sleeping Beauty

You are calm, simple, romantic and loving person full of imaginations. You never think too much in a relationship. You believe true love is effortless. You treasure your relationship and enjoy being in it. At the same time, you might take it for granted which you believe you are born to be loved and should always be immersed in it.

You might have a huge expectation on being protected subconsciously, which there might be a risk you would project or turn your partner into a rescuer mode. The role who always stand by on giving love and pampering you. It is very dangerous once the relationship does not work, which it is very easy to collapse and get into deeply depressive mood.

photo by Annie Leibovitz

If you choose 5. Bella (Beauty and the Beast Princess)

You are an open-mind person full of love and compassion, yet somehow a little bit passive in life. You have the capability to cope with different hard time in a relationship. You are able to put yourself into the shoes of others, to feel how they feel. Yet sometimes, you might over think or pushing too hard in a relationship because you want to care too much. This might make your partner feels a bit uncomfortable.

It is okay care about other's feelings in a relationship, but need to have a healthy boundary on it. Check-in if you always put yourself in the "let me help you" mode, you are just turning to be the mom of your partner but not the love one. Allow them to take back their responsibilities on their life, love them with trust instead of a controlling energy.

photo by Annie Leibovitz

If you choose 6. Rapunzel (The Long-haired Princess)

You are positive, smart, straight-forward, playful and adventurous with amazing appetency. You love freedom and would fight for what you believe. You care about how other feels in a relationship and how you feel too. You feel great if you find you can still enjoy being yourself in a relationship. If not, you can feel very insecure, anxious and fear.

In a good relationship, we definitely need to be able to be ourselves. At the same time, how we can make our partners to be themselves also very important. Try focus not just on that situation, ask yourself "how do I feel now?", be connected with the emotions inside you. Accept it, honour it, be with it. Only by choosing love over fear, you would gain the clarity on how to move on for a better relationship.

photo by Annie Leibovitz


There is no right or wrong in a relationship. And I might be all wrong, but it is a good chance to look inward from this exercise together. Relationship is always a self checking in journey. We always reflect our feelings or emotions that we do not want to accept ourselves in relationship because they are the one we care, love and willing see them with our heart. Only when we are willing to accept and love all these projections, we can achieve the perfect relationship and heal our lives.

photo by Annie Leibovitz

Relationship is one of the important primary food we need in life. Most of us do not have a clue on how to deal with it and fall into the trap of emotional stress. "Living Life with Jen" is a holistic program providing you the most practical tool on how to handle stress through dietary and emotion-focus coping strategies, and how to achieve the perfect relationship in life.

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