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Have you ever noticed... the word "STRESSED" is "DESSERTS" when spell backwards? Yes you can always enjoy stressed like desserts when you see the opposite of it and stress smart. Every stress are just emotions that passing through you in reliable pathways. Breathe into the stressful moment, have the awareness of your behaviour. Pause, and ask yourself... "what does this situation reminding me?"

"how can I choose to see it differently?" You will realise how powerful this sweet vulnerability could be. I encourage you to stress smart and treat it like candy. Sometimes, treat yourself a real dessert could really kick your stress away. Just be aware of these 2 things: 1. Choose wisely on healthy desserts Dessert especially chocolate does boost our happy hormones serotonin. Yet, if you choose wrongly with high amount of white sugar, refined flour and processed ingredients, it only leads you to sugar addiction, cravings, emotional eating, mood swing and more. 2. Ask yourself "Is it a treat to let go or just an escape?" How we eat is a mirror reflecting our emotions subconsciously, eat mindfully which awareness on your feelings. Choose to look inward but not using food to fill up the emptiness from within.

check out this sugar free muffin on my instagram :)

- Check out this sugar free chocolate muffin recipe! -

1/2 of our stress comes from dietary stress. Go for the right diet with low sugar, great proteins, healthy fat, and fibres to start healing your gut. It balances your hormones and maintains a good mood throughout the day. We all have stress. "Living Life with Jen" is providing you the most practical tool on how to handle stress through dietary and emotion-focus coping strategies. Email me for further details:

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