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"The correct prayer is never a prayer of supplication, but a prayer of gratitude."

Listen, you will never get anything you ask for or you want. When you send this intention out to the universe, which you are presenting a statement of lack and that's the only thing you will get in return. "The correct prayer is therefore never a prayer of supplication, but a prayer of gratitude." Conversation with God. "Thank you, God for giving me abundant in life. I have enough money to travel, work, live and spread love. I am able to eat well, sleep well, move well and feel young every single day. Thank you for giving me the freedom to speak, to coach and to lead. I combine my passion on mindfulness and creativity and make "easy meditation bench" happens. I breathe into all these gratitudes I have inside me. Thanks for always bringing miracles into my life." Start saying thank you to manifest your life today. Be thankful for the things you want unapologetically. Feel it from your heart, be true to yourself.It is gonna be the most powerful statement to the universe. I am thankful again to have the support from you all on my Kickstarter project: Please continue sharing this love to your friends and social media for a stress-free world. Love, Jen

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