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6 Strategies on Conquering Fear in Life

21 August 2017, I've successfully conquered the largest cave in the world, Song Doong Cave in Vietnam. Passing through jungles, beach, rivers inside the cave, every step is a scene. 

Everything I experienced in this 4 day expedition reminds me of how to live a life effortlessly. The key is knowing how to conquer your fear. And here I summarise 6 strategies on it. 1. When u are against the flow... It is easy to say 'go with the flow'. Yet life is designed to be not that smooth so we could learn from it. When you are against the flow with strong current, be aware that you are still on the right track. Slow down and keep going. You will be surprised to see how far you have gone when you look back.

strong current on the way to Hang En cave

2. When you have no idea what the next step is... It is scary when you do not know how deep u are stepping into the river and mud. But you still need to keep going since the whole team is following you. When life is in complete darkness, have faith and keep going. Follow the guide and follow your gut. That's where miracle comes.

rocks, sands, mud in deep river

3. When you reach the top... Nothing is more excited than reaching the top. And you may experience hangover afterwards, the question "what's next?" scares you. Instead of future tripping, celebrate now. Stay fun and foolish as much as you could be. Embrace now and honor the next.

happy baby poses on the top mountain

4. When things are far from expectation... Originally, I expect this expedition to be a meditative journey. Turns out most of the night I'm surrounded by sounds of swallows and snores. In that moment, I have gratitudes. Gratitude on the amazing dolines and dinner in cave, gratitude on being able to relax my feet with my flip flops on after every long tough day. When things are far from expectation in life, do not forget there is always something good to appreciate with.

meditation in tent inside cave at 6am

5. When you are falling behind... Walking with foot injury, most of the time I am the last person in the team arriving the check points. Do not afraid to be falling behind, understand everyone has their own time zone to live in life. Listen to yourself, take it easy and be helped by others if needed. At the end of the day, you will still arrive the same destination with the great experience that only belongs to you.

6. When you want to give up... I slipped off and hanged in the air with rope when climbing up the Vietnam Wall. In that moment I want to give up, a voice came to me "Don't forget to breathe". I breathe, lean back and go back up again. On every challenging road, there's always a way to get through. Instead of giving up, take a slow deep breathe. Stop, observe and get back the strength on keep going.

We all have fear in life. Do not get me wrong. I love fear. It is good that every fear we encounter is a chance for us to elevate our life and begin again.

Most importantly is to know how to choose to see love over fear and how to deal with it.

I am here to keep you accountable to make this happened. Together, we co-create a stress-free life through dietary and emotional coping strategies. Check out more on my holistic coaching or email me for further enquiries. 

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