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"Eating the right fats makes you lose weight", Dr Mark Hyman

dr mark hyman interview

“Eating the right fats makes you lose weight, while eating excess sugar and the WRONG types of fat make you fat.” Mark Hyman, MD.

Mark Hyman, MD, an American physician and the New York Times best-selling author who taught me how to "Eat Fat. Get Thin". In this interview, he is sharing the ultimate way of dieting and longevity.

eat fat get thin

In your book "Eat Fat, Get Thin”, you recommend people to eat more fat to lose weight. Could you briefly explain the concept behind?

Fat is one of the body’s most basic building blocks. The average person is made up of between 15 and 30 percent fat! Yet for decades, we’ve unfairly demonised dietary fat, diligently followed a low-fat diet that almost always equates into a high-sugar and high-refined carb diet that contributes to insulin resistance, obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and numerous other problems. Simply put: Sugar, not fat, is the real villain that steals our health and sabotages our waistlines. Healthy cell walls made from high-quality fats are better able to metabolise insulin, which keeps blood sugar better regulated. Without proper blood sugar control, the body socks away fat for a rainy day. The right fats also increase fat burning, cut your hunger, and reduce fat storage. Eating the right fats makes you lose weight, while eating excess sugar and the WRONG types of fat make you fat.

How much fat shall we eat per meal? What is the portion comparing with proteins and carbs?

Everyone is different, but usually I recommend 3-5 servings of fat per day. 75% of your plate by volume should be healthy carbs, and what I mean by healthy carbs is plant foods. Vegetables are carbs too! So lots of green leafy vegetables and foods like broccoli, bok choy, peppers, cauliflower, etc… I also recommend about 4-6 oz of protein per meal.

Many people ask if eating too much eggs lead to heart disease. What is your point of view on this?

Fifty years of doctors’ advice and government eating guidelines have been wrong. We’ve been told to swap eggs for cereal. But that recommendation is dead wrong. In fact, it’s very likely that this bad advice has killed millions of Americans. Everyone benefits from more omega 3s. About 99 percent of Americans are deficient in these critical fats. Ideal ways to get them include eating wild or sustainably raised cold-water fish (at least two servings weekly), buying omega-3 rich eggs.

Is this diet vegetarian or vegan friendly?

It’s definitely a bit more challenging to eat a this way if you are vegan or vegetarian, but it is possible. There are so many healthy fats that are vegan including nuts and seeds, avocados, olive oil, and coconut oil.

Ultimately, the plan is for vibrant health and longevity. Is it suitable for those who want to gain weight?

When you cut out starch and sugar, you’re not activating the insulin hormones which could mean you might have a tough time gaining weight.

We must remember that every body is different. Personally, I need a little bit of starch in my diet because I’m pretty skinny. So, keep your body type in mind and keep a food journal to monitor how your body reacts to different foods. You might find that you need more carbohydrates than you thought you did.

To boost healthy carb intake, include sweet potatoes squash or other starchy vegetables at dinner. You can also try incorporating nuts and seeds, because they contain a little bit of carbohydrates, in addition to protein and fat.

Lots of recipes are shared in your book, which is your favourite one that lifts up your mood?

I can’t choose! I love them all. Smoothies are my favorite.

Do you think this diet could help on managing our stress in this modern society?

Absolutely. Everyone knows about the mind-body connection, but do you know about the body-mind connection? Our guts are our second brain, and if we keep them healthy, we can increase our energy and gain mental clarity and vitality.

When was the last time you stress out and how did you cope with it?

Everyone has stress, the question is, how do you deal with it? For me, it’s important to get outside in the sunshine and play as well as meditate, get massages, relax with my family and exercise.

Can you share your personal routine?

It changes all of the time since I’m constantly traveling, but I always make time to eat healthy foods, exercise, and meditate. These are non-negotiable.

Can you share 3 tips on how to live a life?

1. Eat Real food. Eat the food that God made, and leave the food that man made. This includes plant foods, healthy fats and protein. Stay away from sugar and processed foods as much as possible.

2. Move your body. Sitting is the new smoking. Find something that works for you like dancing, yoga, running, sports -- whatever it is, make time to play and move.

3. Destress. In addition to moving your body, I recommend finding activities that help you relax. For me, it’s yoga and meditation and spending time with my family. Stress is a killer, so finding ways to cope with it is absolutely key for living your best life.

Are you struggling with dietary stress and weight management? Do you want to feel lighter, more positive and happier? There is a 360 solution. With my coaching programme, a dietary stress-free lifestyle is easier to achieve than you can imagine. Let me help you live the life you deserve, and feel the difference within.

Contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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