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A jar of barbecue honey: 136 tsp sugar

1 teaspoon of sugar= 4 grams. The recommended amount of sugar intake per day from the World Health Organisation (WHO) is 9 tsp for men, 6 tsp for women, and no more than 6 tsp for kids.

When we talk about sugar, you may think of coke, chocolate, candy bar, soft drinks, etc. Yes, a bottle of coca-cola (500mL) already contains 13 tsp of sugar. But beyond soft drink and sweets, there are more we need to be aware of.

1 teaspoon of sugar equals to 4 grams

Today, we are going to focus on condiment. We will uncover the truth behind sugar and reveal the hidden traps on condiments that are commonly used in daily life. You will be shocked how much sugar all these essentials are literally containing.

Yes, 136 teaspoon in one tiny jar of barbecue honey! Imagine how much sugar you have had per day.

Sugar makes us sick. It damages our brain, feeds the unfriendly bacterias, causes fatty liver disease, diabetes and obesity. It also leads to adrenal fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, low motivation, food or alcohol cravings, poor hair and skin etc.

Did you have the above symptoms? Or you want to learn more between sugar and holistic health? Email me for a FREE health consultation now.


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