Get into a deep sleep in 5 days

What is a good sleep?

A good sleep doesn't mean that you are not suffering from insomnia. Ask yourself, do you wake up refreshing and ready to go? If you wake up tired, you are still suck in sleep.

We are never taught about sleep patterns, which is seriously important on our brain health and everyday performance. Today, I am going to share you 3 tips on how you can get a deep sleep in just 5 days.

3 tips on getting a deep sleep in 5 days

1. Journal or read 15 minutes before bed

I'm not talking about kindle or other kind of electronic books which all the blue light they eliminate interrupts melatonin production. Get a paper book, or generally journaling are mechanical action which helps to calm down the brain with less stimulation before bed.

2. Wear night shades

Every 90 minutes when you are in sleep, your eyes open up and close and go through the cycle of rapid eye movement (REM) stage. If your eyes open up and get stimulate by light, your brain will think you are getting up to pee or because your shoulder, neck or back hurt which actually it is not the case.

3. Get to bed 22:00- 22:30 and wake up at 4:00- 4:30

We are human species, if we are not sleeping at night and waking up at the day there are higher disease rates. For people who work at night time, there is still a way out by increasing the intake of omega 3, and change the hours from sleeping at 3:00 and wake up at 9:00 in the morning.