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Living Life with Greta Lai

Greta Lai, a certified yoga teacher who teaches in multiple yoga studios and big events in Hong Kong. At the same time, she is a freelance art director, Reiki practitioner, yoga therapist and sports brands ambassador. Yet, she still have time to relax and enjoy a cup of hot tea every single day.

What is the secrets behind on managing multiple careers at a time? I am happy to have Greta here to share on time management, stress management and how to achieve a better gut. Sit back, relax and enjoy this video beyond yoga.

You are about to discover:

- secrets behind managing multiple careers at a time

- Greta's approach on stress management

- one easy way to release our shoulder and neck tension

- secret recipe of the morning energy booster

- tips on diet before and after workout

- reason behind Greta practises hand stand every single day

- 3 tips on how Greta lives a life

- and more!

Living Life quote from Greta Lai:

"Never forget to love yourself"

Yes life is accumulated by small pieces, start building up a small good habit today. You will be amazed how much you have cultivated after 10 years. As a holistic health coach, I will keep you accountable on finding a way out on dealing with your diet, stress, gut and brain health, contact me for a FREE health consultation. Together, we create miracles in life.

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