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"Today is a chance to begin again"-Bobsy Gaia

For those who know me, !Mana is my food court. I have been a big fan of this restaurant since I moved towards plant-based diet a few years ago.

Bobsy Gaia, the founder of !Mana Fast Slow Food, who also successfully built up the first fully vegetarian community in Bookworm Cafe in Lamma Island, as well as the Soho's Life Cafe. As the eco-entrepreneur and pioneer of organic vegetarian movement in Hong Kong, what is the secret behind all his success?

Apart from the man who dressed up in bohemian style and keen on "Zero Food Waste" philosophy, I found him even more wise and calm than i could imagine.

Our honour to have a Bobsy here on our first Living Life interview. This conversation is packed with actionable insight. Take a moment, grab yourself a cup of delicious drink and enjoy.

You’re about to discover:

- the way on adapting the "Fast Slow Food" concept easily into our daily life

- secret behind the management skills on a business with 60 staffs

- morning ritual to begin a productive day

- secret recipe of the wonderful drink to start your day

- Bobsy's approach on stress management

- 3 simple tips on how Bobsy lives a life

- Personal story on how small steps do make a tremendous result

- and more!

Living Life quote from Bobsy Gaia:

“Today is a chance to begin again”.

No matter what difficulties you are facing in life, you always have a chance to start new everyday. If you are finding a way out on dealing with your diet, stress, gut or brain health, contact me for a FREE health consultation. Together, we will work it out.

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