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One of the top stress management techniques which can help you reduce stress in one second is, say this magic word, 'NO'.

We often tend to pretend the 'YES' man even we want to say 'NO' in our mind. 'I rather say yes because I do not want to upset anyone', 'If I say no sounds like I am so weak and I don't like to feel belittled', 'I don't mean it but I still want to say yes because I afraid I will lose the opportunity which may never come back'... Sounds familiar? Fear of embarrassment, being weak, and failure will just drag us down. Saying 'NO' in life is something bigger than you can imagine.

Saying NO is bringing more YES in your life

Saying Yes to everything means you have time for nothing. Set the priorities in life, make serious commitment to just the top 3 things at a time. Then, say no to ALL the others. This allow you to be conscious on the quality of what you are doing. The higher performance and better productivity will drive you to all other YES opportunities in life.

Respect yourself

You have the right to choose to do what really makes you happy. Focus only on the high leverage activities is the key to achieve the right results faster, and create rooms on accomplishing more tasks ahead.

Be honest and practice rejection

Rejecting someone doesn't mean you are doing something evil. Be honest, and say no in a positive way. People will feel your compassion and understand why you are doing it. Practice in front of the mirror by saying 'No, not this way. Instead, shall we try to...', 'No, not right now. It is better to wait till...', 'No, thank you. I appreciate it but...', or just a firm and honest "No".

Saying 'NO' manages your relationships, time and stress levels effectively. It sounds simple, yet we need the whole life on practicing it.

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