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My 6 Living Life Morning Rituals

​Struggling on bed, feeling tired, experiencing water retention, lack of energy and motivation to start the day.... Is it how your morning usually like? I understand this feeling and I have been through them all in those days.

And now, I can't wait to jump out of my bed and start the day. How can I achieve this? First secret, do it once step at a time. Second secret, I treasure my morning moment like a spa everyday.

Here are my 6 morning rituals which helps me to keep a clear mind, positive mood and be more productive throughout the rest of the day.

6:00 am Wake up with an intention

Before getting off bed, keep lying down and take a slow deep inhale. I choose one word to start my day differently with a positive intention. It could be "gratitude", "easy", "fun", "satisfaction", "joy", "love" etc. What ever comes to the mind, I live with this positive intention that day. It is something I look forward to on that day, at the same time a great reminder for myself just focusing now when things happen but not being enrolled by my emotions or that particular situation. Ask yourself, "how can life get better today?" Be patient, and allow silence leads you to go.

6:10 am Flush down a glass of warm water

Having a glass of warm water or even squeeze in half of a lemon into it helps us to hydrate our body over a long night. And most importantly, it helps signalling and getting our bowel system moving to have our first poop of the day. This detoxifying habit is very important to support our liver and immune system effectively.

6:20 am Meditation

Meditation helps to start my day with a clear mind, better focus and more positive vibe. Simply sit in a comfortable position, keeping my back straight and start focusing on the breathing. Observe the air flows in from my nose, down to my chest, into my belly. Breathing in slowly and deeply, and release with a long effortless exhalation. Enjoy the moment of feeling alive by just one conscious breathing.

7:00 am Exercise

Morning exercise routine not just help activating metabolism and maintaining your fitness goal, but also enhance both your physical and mental energy. You will feel better and love your life abundantly. Combing the exercise with cardio one, weight training and stretch. Make it fun and interesting. Or just start small by lifting your legs up on wall for 5 minutes.

8:00 am Break the fast

Make yourself a delicious breakfast to break the fast after a nice sweaty workout. Pampering yourself with a nutrient dense meal, enjoying the preparation moment, bring in different colours into the bowl, layout the food like a fine dining morning gourmet. Slowly sit down, take a slow deep breathe. Feel the luxurious to have the moment eat mindfully, and start chewing your food consciously.

8:45 am Get inspired

Write a journal, read a book, or watch a Ted videos online. Get yourself inspired and kick start your day with big motivation. It is powerful that when you are being inspired, you will exchange this positive energy back inspiring the people around you in the day. Follow your instinct and start the inspirational viral to experience a different day.

It could be just 9:30am when I get my morning rituals accomplished and I am fully already to get started on a brand new day! What is your morning ritual like? We are all bio-individuals and you never need to follow my way. Take it as a reference, modify and explore your way out.

"Living Life with Jen" is a holistic program provides you the most practical tool on how to handle stress through 360 strategies include finding the best way to start your day with motivations and energy. Contact me for a free consultation and I would give you some suggestion on how to kick start and feel alive again.

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