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6 living life tips to fly healthy

We all love to travel. Yet, it is so easy to break the normal health routine due to different eating habits, itineraries, and time zones. Constipation, sleepless night, edema, fatigue? It is not a must for travel lover to suffer.

Here are 6 tips to fly healthy, let's enjoy your trip to the fullest!

1. Keep your body hydrated

Lacking of water causes constipation, dry skin, and poor immunity system. Always bring a bottle of water with you, especially when getting on plane. You can have tea to spice up the taste, and limit coffee and alcohol intake to one glass per day to prevent dehydration.

2. Adequate healthy fat

Eating healthy fat keeps your energy up, helps burn body fat and reduce craving on junk food. Avocado, chia seed, mct oil/ coconut oil are great choices to pack with luggage especially if you are on a busy business trip. Add them into your meal or drink to keep your omega-3 level right.

3. Make over your snacks

Salty snacks could lead to edema, brain fog and mood swing. Try preparing your own snack on the road, carrot sticks, a handful of nuts or seeds are excellent choices.

4. Stretch your body

We might not be able to go gym or have proper exercises when traveling. Simple stretching on the go helps boost up your metabolism. Bring a portable yoga towel, stretch it out on the go or in hotel as an instant easy workout.

5. Avoid phone before sleep

Getting rid of all electronic devices half hour before bed, reading or breathing exercise help you fall asleep easier. Try to get 8 hours sleep, which recharges you to the fullest for the next day plan.

6. Get some probiotics

To prevent constipation, a healthy gut environment is needed. Make sure you have enough good bacterias by taking probiotics supplement, or fermented food like yoghurt, miso, kimchi, and sauerkraut.

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