The Edible Flower of Life

We all know eating clean and real food is the key to a healthy life. Yet, it's really hard for us to go cold turkey. INCREASE INTEREST is the first step. One of the secret to improve your appetite on clean food is to make your food beautiful.

What utensils are you selecting? How would you like to layout it out? Be creative and feel your food before enjoying it. You will be surprised it tastes better than it used to be.

Instead of cut the avocado in half and scoop it into your mouth. We can make it like and edible Flower of Life. Here's the demo on how to do it:

Step 1: cut a perfect ripped avocado in half

Step 2: cut into 0.5-1mm sashimi width

Step 3: spread it out in one row

Step 4: gently holding outer aide and roll it in

Step 5: lay it out with you favorite plate. This is it, the morning sashimi!