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Home Kitchen Meditation

Meditation, we all know it is something good to calm your mind effectively. Yet, most of us think it is way too difficult that only Buddha can achieve. You are wrong. It is not about how long you sit for, but how much you aware of yourself.

To achieve this self-awareness, it is not a must to be seated. It works where ever you are, and what ever you do.

Let's try something new today. I'm going to guide you through a meditation when you are cooking in the kitchen.


Follow the 7 steps below, treasure the moment between you and your food and start meditating in the kitchen:

1. Take a deep breathe, inhale deeply through the nose, follow by long exhale through the mouth. Do it 10 times.

2. Start preparing your food, give yourself full permission to let go of the time. Just focus on this wonderful cooking process.

3. Get in touch with the food, observe them on shape, colour, texture etc. Enjoy this visual indulgence before you start.

4. Wash your food, start chopping, put them into the boiler/ pan or any utensils you like, and listen. Listening to the sound of running water, chopping knife, boiling water etc, you will be amazed by this food orchestra.

5. Smell it. Smell before, during and after you cook. Experience the difference from within.

6. Get prepare. Prepare a nice container to match with what you are cooking. Be a food stylist, lay it out slowly, creatively, in any form as you wish.

7. Sit down. Take another deep breathe. Inhale through your nose, and exhale through the mouth deeply and slowly. Do it 10 times. Appreciating this special date, with yourself and with your food.

8. Close your eye, spoon and chew. Chew at least 10-20 times before you swallow, notice the taste, smell, and texture of your food. Notice that you are really eating.

When I start meditation, I cannot even focus for 1 minute. Small goals. Small win. I allow myself to start by even 30 seconds a day without judgement. And I can even do it when I cook, which listening to the regular sound of chopping celery is my secret meditation till now.

Meditation or mindfulness is never difficult. You just need to find the way that fits you to start with. "Living Life with Jen" is a holistic coaching program provides you the most practical tool on how to handle stress through dietary and emotion-focus coping strategies. Feel free to contact me on how to practice mindfulness creatively in a fun way!

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