The Living Life Recipe: Rainbow Smoothies

No one could change a diet in a day. Start small and simple, and most importantly, start with a great mood!

Colour boosts our mood effectively, red/ violet stimulates energy, green/ yellow creates sunny and happy feeling, and blue keeps us calm and peaceful. Let's power up our mood with different colourful smoothies this week!

Living Life 7-Day Smoothies Recipe:

Day 1/ Red: beetroot, orange

Day 2/ Orange: carrot, lemon, ginger

Day 3/ Yellow: banana, snow lotus

Day 4/ Green: spinach, lemon, green apple, pea

Day 5/ Light green: celery, dragon fruit

Day 6/ Blue: blueberries, peach

Day 7/ Violet: radicchio, apple

Eating or drinking various colourful fruits and vegetables could help us gain the widest range of nutrients and anti-oxidants, science also supports it associates a lower risk of cancer.

We have the power to heal our body. Go for the right diet with nutrient-dense greens, low sugar, great proteins & healthy fat to start your day. We are all bio-individuality, one man’s food could be another man’s poison. Choose to examine yourself and your food like science, and contact me for further advice on how to eat.