1st Chinese Breath of Bliss facilitator, Jen

Last week, my Breath of Bliss facilitator training came to a completion. On my graduation day, joy and tears came to me constantly at the same time. There is no word I can use to describe the pure happiness, gratitude and grace from within.

There were many intense and challenging moments in the past month on constructive level to emotional level. At the same time, I am grateful to play in the sandbox in this safe and sacred group with trust, respect and unconditional love.

In the final practicum, we were breathing into more than 10 breath ceremonies in a week. Such a blessing to receive so much wisdom, inspiration and love from wide range of offerings. Such a blessing to be reunited with all these beautiful souls on earth again.

we are angels on earth. the messengers from sky. light and love in human form.

^ Graduation moment receiving blessings from my beautiful soul sisters brought me into joyful tears again.

A new way to breathe, to love and to lead

Very different from many other kind of breath work, Breath of Bliss is a feminine style yet ecstatic approach to breathe. It is a sacred ceremony expands the state of consciousness to commune with our soul with the plant medicine “breath”.

1st Chinese Breath of Bliss facilitator, Jen

^ Breath is the plant medicine of life

From a breather to a facilitator, I was experiencing the full spectrum of surrendering.

I used to be good at presentat