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1 Simple Strategy to Stress Free Living

Whenever there is tension in life, do not forget this is not something carrying with you since you are born. Remember we are all come from a pure being harmonising with the nature within us and around us who knows no worry, observe the new born baby around you next time when you forget. How effortlessly they are breathing, long and deep, slow and easy. While living as an adult we truly need to learn from them to master a stress-free mind who knows no worries where insomnia also never exist in their world.

What do you truly want in life? and what do you do not want in it? Let's feel into your heart.

We all want happiness and prefer no heaviness in life. This process of intaking more happy energy and releasing heavy one is very similar to an experience of having a conscious meal.

All or Nothing

“Hara hachi bu” is a Japanese term meaning “eat until you are 80% full”. Chinese traditional culture also have this 70/30 rules on mindful eating contributing a healthy body for greater chi, prana, our life force energy. It is easy we go for all or nothing when we are in stress, overeating or starving stomach for long both are unconsciously act maybe from conscious choices that makes our body feels uncomfortable. Emotionally, also put ourselves into the fight or flight mode at once, alert us to guard our life without need a reason. This is the beginning point of what stress is.

Same concept applies to all relationship in life. We never need to wait until the moment you suddenly experienced a burnout or panic attack and start searching how to live a stress free life. Neither, we never need to wait till the moment you have the luxury time and space to sit on top of the Himalaya Mountain to achieve inner peace. We humans have the tendency to rush life, while the urgency is now. Come back to now to break all old patterns, oppressions and limitations, to remember your intention here is simply to enjoy a life you wish to live again when you look back. Be courageous to break this pattern today, by start committing to this simple strategy.

Break Down Fear. Pile Up Love.

Direct experience what you need most, and experience them now. Yes, you can it is simply a conscious choice. Our strategy is to break down all experiences into smaller dosages of indulgence and micro steps of achievements. When you break life down, it only gives you more enjoyment.

Fear is the chief of all heavy emotions. Break it down in the moment you feel it and transform it one step at a time. No rush to remove it all at once even though resistance is here. Relax your face, especially relax your eyebrow more. Open your chest wide, roll your should back to help, breathe into whatever feeling rising up with pure presence. One step at a time, inhale ask your heart how do you feel now? Exhale hold it gentle and repeat “it’s okay”. Explore in this breathing patterns, observe the feelings understanding they are energy in motions that come and go, witness the feeling of relief arise even heavy energy is still here. Have courage to breathe and continue giving space to feelings allow them to transform from one to another, lighter and lighter.

Communicate with your body at the same time, ask if it wants to have a break? If yes, stop and repeat again “it’s okay”. Relax and back to easiness. No rush, come back again whenever you feel ready to continue even you feel not in full alignment yet. Have a break, celebrate small with a nice latte. Enjoy this micro achievement that you just made, well done.

“Have patience. Wait until the mud settles and the water is clear. Remain unmoving until right action arises by itself.”- Zhuangzi

Respect Time and Space.

No need to rush and set things in motion. Repeat the mantra again, “it’s okay”. Calm the mind, knowing it is not a must to reset everything back to perfect balance for now. This is a process of respect. Respect your feeling takes time to transcend in pure acceptance and compassion. Respect your body who just intake a big spiritual meal and need space to digest what has been taken in and transform them to good energy refuelling life. Experience whatever has been given you, find the way to enjoy it more in patience and with pure love.

In the same second you choose breaking down fear, love arrives. Continue experiencing this breaking down, not only your fear but all attachment, resentment and expectation. It is a powerful process generating a bigger capacity of love. Accept who you are, accept further also who you resist to become. Forgive all the resistance, forgive further to all that you cannot forgive. Do not give up, always choose love even if there is not much in that moment. Bit by bit, pile up love. You would feel more content. Continue welcome this feeling of feeling better, even nothing in reality has changed nor shifted.

Even though you feel nothing. Continue to anchor this nothingness, embrace it is rising from feeling heavy right before this moment. Be gentle and compassionate to yourself first and always. Love is accumulating in all form when we choose to feel and live consciously.

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.”- Soren Kurkegaard

Love needs courage.

Pile up and accumulate this love you received, allow small dosage one at a time. Love needs courage. This courage needs pure acceptance, patience and faith. Trust you are capable and fully ready to break the old patterns in life. Trust you only deserve more love. Allow yourself to surrender into this process, indulge and enjoy everything you are experiencing. Be friend with your emotions. Embrace the existence of fear is purely here to return us back to love.

From heavy energy to happy being is a self love journey. Love yourself, break it down. Do not need to have it now if you are not ready yet. Never need to receive it all too until you can contain them well and easy. Embrace this not yet ready. It is not weak nor lack, but a vulnerable feeling that opens you up into greater potential, a new powerful awareness that always direct you to abundance of love, joy and presence.

We never need to miss a vacation when we know we can create mini moment of rest like vacation in everyday. This is how we pile up love moments that full of rest, joy and purpose. Have fun in this process to find more happiness and feel more light. Whenever you feel heavy again, do your best to pause again. Breathe, feel your body, feel your heart. Reset and begin again.

Sending infinite gratitude, love in joy.



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