{Press} We're the Top 100 in Hong Kong!

"Living Life with Jen" is one of the top 100 hong kong blogs and website to follow 2018

{Feature} Jennifer Yip | Hong Kong | Breathe - In & Out!

Thanks Humble Beginning Entrepreneurs for featuring, my honour to be one of the inspiring entrepreneurs representing Hong Kong.

{Feature} Head Space: Mindfulness tips from female entrepreneurs

Proud to share my mindfulness tips for female entrepreneurs worldwide.

{Feature} Jen is on One-Fit-City

"Living Life with Jen" is featuring in One Fit City.

{Feature} Easy Meditation Bench

Thanks ixiqi from China on featuring "Easy Meditation Bench".

{Guest Blog} 5 Amazing Benefits of Mindful Eating

Sharing 5 Amazing Benefits of Mindful Eating on A Foodie World.

{Guest Blog} 1 minute gratitude break

Sharing easy mindfulness on 1-minute gratitude break at A Foodie World.

{Guest Blog} Mindfulness relationships

Sharing mindfulness relationships on Rumix.

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